Saturday, January 16

Holiday Bag

Isn't my coloring beautiful on this bag? Just kidding, this is a rub-on -- but it is rREALLY pretty!!

I couldn't sleep last night. That's been happening a lot lately. I think that's why I have been able to post things here twice a day. I am sure that my energy will poop out soon -- so beware. I was going to create some cards, but then I decided to clean out our Computer Cabinet. It has been a scary site for a while. Everyone just stuffs everything in there. It was so full that when you put something in there you had to close the door REALLY fast, so things wouldn't fall out. While I was cleaning it out I found all kinds of stuff -- like these Rub-ons. I think I bought them at an "After-Christmas" sale in 2000.

I adhered the rub-on onto a piece of Not Quite Navy card stock. Then mounted it on a layer of whisper white and basic black. Then I used Sticky Strip to attach it to this plain white bag. Presto, I have a cute bag for the Holidays. That is one more project for my stash for next year. I have the Post-It Note Holders and these bags, am I on a roll or what?

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this is pretty mommy