Saturday, January 12

Tips on Crystal Effects

Crystal Effects is water based, easy to clean up and is an easy way to enhance any rubber stamped art project. Best of all you can apply Crystal Effects to areas you would like to looked raised whether it be on paper or plastic!

Tips for using this product: Prior to use, place the bottle upside down in a cup, letting all of the air bubbles rise to the top, which now is really the bottom of the bottle. Start slowly applying the Crystal Effects, try to NOT pick the tip up off of project until it is completely covered. It may take a little longer to get all of the area covered, but the outcome, is well worth it!

Cautions: Do not use heat tool to speed dry time. It becomes extremely “bubbly” and unattractive.

Other Ideas for Use: Besides using Crystal Effects straight from the bottle to give a raised effect, there are other ways to use it.

  1. Layer it on with a paintbrush to give a smooth glass-like finish.
  2. Spot Gloss: Apply a thick layer of Crystal Effects directly to the stamped image with the applicator tip. Let dry completely (about 30 - 60 minutes) before handling.
  3. All-Over Gloss: Use a paintbrush to apply a thin, even coat of Crystal Effects to the entire image. Let dry (about 3-5 minutes).
  4. To give it color, add a drop or 2 of a re-inker.
  5. Use it as glue for embellishments, beads, feathers, and bows. It is very strong, great for adding hard to hold magnets, pin backs, and wire to your stamped projects. Be sure to let it dry completely before handling.
  6. Use it to glue vellum to card stock. It won’t show through. The best way to keep vellum from wrinkling after application, apply Crystal Effects with a fingertip or Q-tip applicator in a very thin coat, not just straight from the bottle.
  7. Simulate dew on a petal by adding little droplets to flowers. You can also add it to the petals of actual dried flowers or fake ones.
  8. Use the applicator tip to apply a thicker layer of Crystal Effects to elements of your design to add emphasis. (Try it on leaves, flower petals, insects, teacup, umbrella, window, eyeglasses, Christmas ornaments.
  9. Use it to create a stained glass window effect. Stamp image on window sheet and emboss. Let dry thoroughly over night. Then use the tip of the bottle to move the Crystal Effects around to cover each individual area with a thin layer. While it is still wet, dump on glitter. Do one color of glitter at a time. Let each area dry at least an hour before going to the next color.
  10. Use it for "fray check" on the ends of your ribbon after you have cut them to the desired length.
  11. Fill in things after you've embossed and colored for a real "pop"!
  12. Use it to re-glue any stamps that have either come unmounted from the foam or that you took off the wood block because you wanted to trim and re-mount.


Tanis said...

ooooh, another one to save!
Thanks Corie!

Teri said...

thanks for the great tips! I love it!

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malieta said...

These are some great tips Corie, thank you for sharing them!

Beth Norman said...

Fabulous tips. Thanks, Cory. I'm so behind in my blog reading as you can tell.

Libby said...

Oh how I wish I wasn't so behind on reading my favorite blogs!! Just last night I was applying crystal effects (diamond glaze, actually) to 12 birthday invitations, and wondering to myself how to make it have less bubbles!!! And here is the answer on your blog! Thanks for sharing these great tips!