Tuesday, January 13

Re-Inking Your Ink Pads.

Yesterday I was had a day off of work. My plan was to stamp all day, but DH was home too so you know my plans went flying out the window. I did have a chance to re-ink my Stampin' pads. I thought that some of you out there might like to know the steps I take when cleaning and re-inking my pads.

Here are easy steps to make your Stampin' pads look BRAND new.

  • First I wipe the container down inside and out with a rag that I have sprayed with my Stampin’ Mist.
  • Next I trim the frayed threads around the edges of my ink pad. Quality pads are made of fabric not felt. Of course Stampin’ UP! ink pads are made of fabric not felt. Those little threads seem to soak up the ink, so make sure you trim them.
  • Now the fun part. I run my re-inker over the pad squeezing the ink out in a zig-zagged pattern both length wise and width wise. I check to see how fast the ink soaks into a pad. If it vanishes quickly, I do it again. If the ink sits on top for a bit before soaking in I stop.
  • The last thing I do is wipe everything down with my rag again.

See easy peazy. I wish I had taken before and after pictures, but I forgot. I do have to say that I must use Old Olive and Chocolate Chip A LOT!! Both of those pads were in sorry shape, but now they look brand new. If you take care of your Stampin' pads they will last forever.


Teri said...

Hi Corie! Thanks for the tips! I must say, I've never taken the time to re-ink my pads at once and clean them up. I guess I should do it since we are starting a new year! Mahalo!

Scrapbookmama said...

Girl you reminded me THATS what I have to do I use my choc. chip loads too and its saying to me.. I'm ttthhhrriiisty.. lol Great tips darling! :)


Angela P said...

I'm new to Stampin Up so my ink pads are in great shape. So I'll purchase the reinkers so they will be on hand in the future. Does the reinkers have a shelf life or do they last as long as the cap is tight? Is there something special I should do to store them?
Thanks again

Rita said...

Thanks Corie!

Erica B. said...

That is so methodical, what great tips! I usually get around to it if I realize how light a color is stamping.
Then after I re=ink it is so much better!