Thursday, January 31

Ways to Use Brads

connectors on paper
pieces for moveable parts
attaching vellum
to "hang" things from center of flowers
letters -- spell out words (outline letters)
corners of picture mat
eyes of “live” images
stone in a ring
buttons on a snowman
stepping stones on a garden layout
attach a fiber to a brad to make a yo-yo
form "bullets" for a list of things
in the hole of a tag
white - as stars on a black or navy blue sky
white - as dropping snowflakes
light blue - as falling raindrops
orange - as pumpkins
white - as moonbeams
brown - as chocolate chips on a cookie
M & Ms
buttons on a shirt
decorations on an Easter egg
decorations on a Christmas tree
purple - grapes in a cornucopia
lights on top of a police car or fire truck
center of a pinwheel
center of tires
end of antenna on a bug
center of spider web
the "dot" on an i or j
to attach fibers
lacing something together
attach a sign to a post
center of propeller on an airplane
sesame seeds on a bun
a spider and paint a face on it with the legs behind it, use wire for it's legs
dots on a ladybug
nails on wood
embellish the corner of tags or borders
on butterfly wings
shoe buckle
sprinkles on an ice cream cone
sprinkles on a cupcake


Flossie's Follies said...

WOW, 99 bottles of brads on a wall, 99 bottles of brads, sorry it just keeps running in my head. Love all the ideas, M&M's that is a great idea.

Rose Ann said...

Great list of ideas! Thanks!

Beth Norman said...

Your lists have been very interesting. Talk about a lot of work for you. TFS.