Thursday, February 14

Heat Gun Tips

Besides the obvious of embossing or heat and stick powders, try these other ideas:

  • To dry glue on almost anything
  • To set the Craft ink
  • Blowing glitter across a stamped area to get a fine sprinkle.
  • Blowing glitter or other small debris off of the your work space
  • Dry your nail polish
  • To heat up those price stickers on glass--just heat and then peel them right off.
  • You can use your gun to remove hardened candle wax. Aim the heat at the wax. When it starts to melt, use a white paper towel to blot it up. Do this a little at a time to prevent scorching your surface.
  • Use the heat gun to melt some candle wax onto your paper creating an abstract design, then do a direct to paper technique over it. The wax will resist the ink and also give your paper texture.
  • Melt bits of broken crayons for a background resist.
  • Speed up effectiveness of bleach stamping by heating the bleach stamped image from underneath after stamping.
  • Make gift baskets and use it to shrink the shrink plastic over the basket.
  • Melt stamped tissue paper to a candle.

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Flossie's Follies said...

Happy Valentine's Day. thanks for the info.