Saturday, January 26


GLITTER/Candle Stamping
Pour Dazzling Diamonds glitter onto a sheet of paper. Ink up a bold outline image with versamark. Stamp the image into the glitter. Check to make sure stamp is evenly coated, tap if there is too much. Turn your stamp rubber side up. Heat a candle with heat tool until just warm & the wax has softened. Stamp directly onto the candle using an even firm pressure, or roll the candle onto the image making sure you get the entire image. Lift the candle off the stamp.

For a basic card: Cardstock, Sticker Paper, Lace, Dark Shade of Glitter, Light Shade of Glitter.
Cut your sticker paper into 1/4 sheets. Pull the protective backing off the sticker paper. Stick a piece of lace to the sticker paper & smooth it down firmly. Pour a dark shade of glitter all over the card, making sure the whole thing is covered, and shake off extra. Remove lace from card. Pour light shade of glitter all over card. It will stick to the areas that do not have the dark glitter. Shake off excess glitter. Spray hairspray on the glitter to seal.

Clear Window Sheet (static free) , Black Ink, Open Image, Glue with small nozzle on end. Stamp image onto the window sheet with black ink, heat set the ink. Fill in an area in the image with glue (do one area at a time). When area is filled with glue, put glitter on & tap off the excess glitter. Continue to fill in each area. When dry put the card together. The card should have an opening to create a window frame. Glitter side should be facing down.

On a previously stamped image, use the Two-Way Glue pen to apply glue where you want the glitter. Sprinkle loose glitter on an image; pour off excess glitter, putting it back into the jar. This technique adds glitz to any card.

Stamp your image using a Versamark ink pad. Pour Heat & Stick powder all over this image. Remove excess powder. Heat with heat gun. Do not overheat. The Heat & Stick powder will become “sticky.” Quickly pour on glitter onto your “sticky” image. Heat the image again, just to set the glitter.


Deborah said...

Lots of glitz going on Corie! Thanks for sharing all these glitter use ideas! Deb

Elizebeth said...

The glitter on candles sounds really cool, I might have to try it sometime. Thanks for the great ideas!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Corie for all your posts on things we can do with what we have. Very useful! i really appreciate all of it!

Charlene said...

Thanks for all of these great ideas, I really like the idea of stamping onto a candle and glittering, on my to try list :o)