Sunday, January 20

Many Uses of Wire

How do you curl the wire? Suggestions include twisting it on a lollipop stick, a small diameter pencil or a small piece of dowel rod.

Uses for the wire:

  • Basket handles
  • Wrapped around packages
  • For stringing PolyShrink and other charms on pencils, etc.
  • Jewelry making
  • Hair – make curly-haired images “have” curly hair
  • Use them as hangers for Christmas tree ornaments
  • Country styled items with raffia, Kraft brown paper, or with a corrugated layer are especially cute
  • For small, layered ornaments
  • A really cute dragonfly shaped out of wire – or maybe a little butterfly.
  • Wrapping around a pouch for the Christmas card
  • Give a 3-D effect to swirls
  • Stems for some really whimsical flowers
  • Arms for snowmen
  • Stamp a floral set then curl your wire around a narrow dowel rod and add it to the card. It will add a springy accent to an otherwise dull floral scene.
  • Halos for angels
  • Long & short curly-cues used to embellish any sets that have grapes, grapevines or other vines
  • Different colors of short curly-cues “exploding” from a gift box like confetti in a birthday set
  • Balloon strings on any set with a balloon. You can curl and bend them rather than drawing in the string.
  • Stamp and cut out a bee, small butterfly, or other bug (cute sets would work best).
  • Attach a piece of the wire, which has been curled around into a “flight pattern” to the back of the bug and attach the other end to the card.
  • It could hold on a small tag or a small flat section of the wire could have a small, layered cardstock saying glued over top of it.
  • The kid sets would be great to use for curly wired hair.
  • Add beads and use as embellishment
  • Green wire twisted and used with Grapes or vine sets with cut out leaves, to look like the tendrils
  • Antennae for every bee, butterfly and bug out there
  • Spider legs


Sam said...

Hi Corie,

Thank you so much for all the ideas for Versamark, Glossy paper and wire...this is a veritable GOLDMINE of information :-) are a gem!

Best wishes,

Deborah said...

You are so "wired" for creating! THANKS! Deb

Elaine said...

Wonderful ideas! Now what is the best way to attach the wire to the card?

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

WOW! Such a great list. Makes me want to break out my wire! Thanks, :0) Mel

Kathy W said...

Thanks so much for providing these lists. I have printed off copies to add to my craft notebook. They are extremely helpful, especially to new crafters.

June Houck said...

So glad you are back to blogging...and all the great tips WOW!
We just returned from an 11 day trip to Florida and I am scrolling through all your blog entries. You have been a busy girl.
I am really, really glad your back :)

Jessica said...

Wow! You've been busy! Great tips!

dasimonds said...

I love working with Wire...
Thanks for sharing.