Sunday, January 20

Encouraging Blogger

I have been a BAD blogger!! I was nominated for the Encouraging Blogger award by two wonderful ladies: Shannon, Stamp Till you Cramp and Kathleen, My Happy Place. They nominated me in November, but as you all know I was going through a tough time back then. So I am just now getting to thanking these ladies. BIG thanks, hugs and smiles Ladies!! If you all have not checked out their sites, please do they are talented stampers!!

Now I am to nominate a few other ladies who have been very encouraging to me. Well since this nomination has been going around for a few months I think all of you have been nominated already. If you have not, please consider your self nominated. I receive so much encouragement from everyone out there. This stamping community has such a wealth of great ladies.

I have decided to name a few ladies that are what I consider some of the Queen Bees out there. If you have not visited these sites you MUST. These ladies are some of the BEST!!

Laurie, Just Give Me Stamps
Allison, Stampin' When I Can
Beate, Fresh & Fun
Julie, Paper Pleasing Ideas
Nancy, iSTAMP
Tracy, Durcan Designs
Andrea, Sunny's Stampin'


Dawn Easton said...

Congrats Corie! all those ladies you nominated ROCK!

Libby said...

Thanks for the tip Corie - I had never visited Andrea's blog, but have now happily added her to my Reader! :-) And congrats on your nomination - you certainly deserve it!