Tuesday, February 16


I am rambling today, so you can scroll down to the bottom for the card details and inside -- I won't mind.

This card is for the color challenge on SCS today ~~ Soft Suede, Perfect Plum, and Pale Plum. You know I love my purples, but I was having a difficult time incorporating the soft suede in without any greens. I was stumped. Then I looked at my BLOG background and I thought that I could do the patterned background in suede with some butterflies.

I started off with the Suede card stock and stamped the pattern BG on it. Then I cut a 3" strip of some pale plum DP from the Enchante package (retired -- I think it was from the spring of 07). I was going to place that in the middle and have 3 butterflies along the border. That didn't look right. So then I cut a circle out of the DP and lined it up along the left side. I placed the ribbon right across the middle, but again I couldn't get the 3 butterflies to work. Then I moved the ribbon down, but that still didn't work. So I cut another circle with the sentiment and placed that up at the top. I was liking this more and more -- you see this rest. So that is how this card came to be. I think I went overboard with the rhinestones, and I want something else in the big circle -- but it's a good card.

I was kinda tickled with myself for thinking up this layout, I loved the circles -- I don't do them enough. I was going to take my pictures but my batteries were dead. While I was waiting for my batteries to re-charge, I starting blurfing. I came across a card almost exactly like mine, guess what it was from Taylor's Sketch challenge. Now I would like to think that Taylor and I think alike (who wouldn't -- she is one talented lady!!!), but I am sure that I saw a card this weekend while I was blurfing and it stuck in the back of my mind. I guess this layout wasn't my own idea.

Now you are probably wondering why I am telling you all this. 99.99% of the time I create what I think are my own cards. If I do CASE a card I try and give credit where credit is due. To be honest, I blurf a lot, so what I think is my own idea may have come from a card that I saw. I am sure this is true of a lot of stampers. So I guess I accidentally CASEd Taylor's card and sketch.

I debated whether or not I was going to bring this other issue up, but my feelings were really hurt. On Friday I created a card for the LPS challenge, we were supposed to be inspired by a President. I created an Easter card. When I was little my parents took us to the White House for the Easter Egg roll -- it was so fun and I have never forgotten each time we went. Someone left an anonymous comment on my BLOG (I have deleted it) saying that Faith thought of this idea first, and I should have given her credit -- like I stole her idea -- well I didn't. (For the record I do not think that Faith had anything to do with this). I guess my point is that just because you may think that someone "Copied" your idea, they may have thought of it on their own -- or may think that they did.

There are a lot of stampers out there who do not like it when they are CASEd, personally I am flattered when someone wants to CASE one of my card -- it means they liked it. I would love it if you let me see your card, but if you don't -- no biggie. I guess the only thing that would be bad about CASEing is if you copied one of my cards exactly and then won a contest or earned some money from it -- not likely, my cards aren't THAT good.

Well I guess that's all. If you made it this far thanks for listening to me vent. Have a great day!!

Stamps: Well Scripted, Pattern BG
Paper: Soft Suede, Perfect Plum, Enchante DP
Inks: Perfect Plum
Extras: Cuttle bug, Nesties, Butterfly embosslit, Rhinestones, Suede ribbon

The inside:


Deb Neerman said...

Fabulous, Corie! Tough color combo ... way to rock the color challenge!

Michelle /Eliotstamps said...

Corie, this is a gorgeous card!

Rita said...

Corie I love your card just the way it is...it's gorgeous!

I saw that comment the other day when I commented on that card & thought how rude. If she followed your blog regularly she would know that you always give credit to cards that inspire you. I totally agree with you we look at too many blogs & can't always stay on top of every card we look at & some stay in our minds more than others. I always feel flattered when someone cases my cards either exactly or with a few changes...I consider that a high honor. Some don't always link back to my blog but that's ok too.

You keep going girl, you always inspire me & yes I copy you too!


Antje said...

I love it - and love the rhinestones, not too much of them, definatly!

Gloria said...

OOOHHHH! Love how you used your own blog background as your inspiration....you should post this card in your sidebar...giggle!

Thanks so much for your kind comments....glad you did...now I found your blog and can become a follower...it all looks very yummy!!!

stampinfrog said...

Corie this card is gorgeous! I love purple and the suede looks fantastic!
I agree with you completely and I wish blogger would not allow anonymous comments!

Laura (scrapnextras) said...

This is stunning Corie! Wonderfully coordinated and that butterfly is a show stealer!

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

Corie-You did an amazing job with that color challenge! I LOVE it! I so wish I would have had time to play.

Marisa said...

One never knows where inspiration will come from! Great idea to use your own blog design! Lovely card :D

Julie Mutch said...

Corie, this is absolutely gorgeous! So elegant looking and I love the sketch! Great job! :)

I wouldn't worry about the comment, after all, how many cardmakers are there in the world? Does she think that of all those people, there's no chance of two people perhaps coming up with the same card idea!! Your cards are always amazing, and I know that you always give credit where due.

Like a lot of people, I tend to CASE cards from time to time just because I see a card that I really like. But, I always give credit to that person, I never do it for any contest entries or profit. I think they should feel honored that a person liked their card idea enough to want to make one of their own. Anyway, I'm rambling, but I certainly wouldn't let that person bother you.

Take care! :)

Betty Wright said...

Corie, this is wonderful! Oh, my word! Your blog background is theses colors plus alittle bit of bermuda bay or teal. How cool! Great background and stamping detailing! Lovely card!

Joy said...

first off...well done on a very pretty card...love the colors and the layout is sweet! love the butterflies and bling too! I wanted to say that I do "feel" you. I would be really hurt if someone would state something that they have NO FACT of. how do they know if you "stole" someone else's idea or not. if it's your idea... then it's your idea! I back you on this and I do love that people want to CASE my ideas, but please just give credit where credit is due IF it's not your own. I hope you are feeling better and that you have a good day! take care Corie!

Deanne @ Three Trees said...

Oh pooie - there are millions of cards and ideas out there, just because something is similar doesn't mean it is stolen. I suppose if that was the fact then we would all be stealers :)

Your card is gorgeous!!! The colors are fab - you have such a wonderful talent, thanks for sharing :)

Joan said...

Beautiful card!!!! I love all the purple and how you've repeated the "writing" on different layers! Awesome.

Pretty-In-Ink said...

It's beautiful Corie! ( of course it would be! ALL your creations are! )
I think you can never have too many rhinestones! LOL!
I'm so sorry to hear that someone mean left you a horrible comment.
You bring us all great pleasure, so I'm really sad if that meanie hurt your feelings.
I'm so glad that I found your blog through Allisons. I think your cards are amazing! It's always a pleasure to see your creations!

Bethany Paull said...

What a great place to find inspiration! And a beautiful result.

Anonymous said...

I love this card Corie its gorgeous! I saw that comment the other day and thought it was very nasty. Most of us with blogs look at other peoples blogs and when we CASE we all give credit! Those of us that visit you often know that about you so dont stress. it was a grogeous card - they were probably just jealous!