Sunday, February 7

CAS Favorite

Whew -- 6 hours of shoveling snow, and we aren't done. Now I hear that we are getting another storm on Tuesday. Will this winter ever end? OK, I promise no more complaining. I have so much to be thankful for, and a little -- OK maybe a lot of snow -- is not going to kill me.

I have been informed that I need to let all my "Stamping Ladies" know that Brandon's card was picked as a CAS Favorite of the week. It also has more than twice as many comments as my card. Why are boys always so competitive?

The boys are off school again tomorrow (because of the snow). So now Brandon wants to set his alarm for Midnight, so he can do the new CAS challenge as soon as possible. He is just too much sometimes.

Thanks for stopping by!! Don't forget to scroll down and see the 3 cards I created this morning. Have a great evening!! ~~Corie


Teri said...

Congrats to Brandon!!

Rose Ann said...

Congrats, Brandon! ;) Sorry you have so much snow to shovel. We are in for a storm ourselves, so it looks like I'll be breaking out the shovel myself.