Sunday, March 2

Another Call for RAK Cards.

Kelly at Diaries of a Stamper is asking for cards. Read her story below. We all make cards all the time, and I think this is a FANTASTIC idea. I know I have already asked you to make one for Lois, but this is a good cause too. Please keep K in your thoughts and prayers.

Kelly's daughter Stephanie's best friend "K" is in need of some RAK's........Please."K" is 12 years old and had been Stephanie's friend since kindergarten. "K"had surgery to remove her large intestine and colon yesterday. She will now have a bag attached to her small intestine that comes through a port in her stomach, to remove waste from her body.She will be out of school for the rest of the year recovering, she will remain in hospital for about 10 days if all goes well and no infection arises. Her family had to travel a long distance to have this surgery done as we don't have a children's hospital in area.

Kelly thought it would be nice to shower her with well wishes when she gets home. She would love to have your help to do this, if you would like to send her a card you can email Kelly at and she will give you the info. Please keep "K" and her family in your thoughts and prayers.


Kelly AKA Emmiestamps said...

Thank you so much Corie for helping to spread the word!!! and thank you for helping to brighten her day!

Alexandra said...

Nice post Corie - I told Kelly that my card goes in the mail tomorrow! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Deb said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Corie and your sweet comment. Wow, you had some amazing posts on SCS y'day loved them all! I am going to copy this and put it on my blog, hope that's okay. I e-mailed Kelly for the address yesterday and already told a bunch of people. It's even sadder when it's our babies having a rough time!! Thanks again!!