Monday, February 25

A Request

I saw the following post on Tanis' site. We all make so many cards, and this is such a good cause.

Wilna, over at has the following request:

"I have a friend, Lois. She is 40 years old and has cancer. She is in pain and needs positive, uplifting people to remind her continually to live and that life is worth living. She has an amazing husband and four beautiful kids. The doctors are not giving her long to live, but I believe that God is the author of life. And I know you believe that too...

If you want to be entered into this awesome draw for a RAK(and if anyone want to contribute prizes, big or small, please email me) then this is what you are going to do: take 10 minutes of your time and create a card for Lois. A card that speaks of life and laughter, of fun and flowers. A word of encouragement, maybe your favorite scripture.

Take a picture of it and upload it HERE for all to see. Then you post (mail) it to her. I visit her every day and I will make a list of all the cards she gets and I will let her draw names out of a hat for winners.

The deadline for all the cards to reach her in Canada is March 20th. So, if you want to play (and I hope every single person that reads this will) make her a card, and post (mail) it. THAT's how simple it will be.

Please email me: if you want to participate. I will email you her address.

Those who are willing to add this little {ART} flower to your blog to help me get the word out, will be in my good books for life. You can just right click the image and save it to your computer and add it to a side bar. Please link THIS post to it."


Tanis said...

Thanks for spreading this Corie :)

Alexandra said...

Corie, thanks for posting this. It is the least we can all do, doncha think?? I know I am doing this!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Deb Neerman said...

Hi Corie: I'm in!!! I've posted a card for Lois on my blog:

and have also asked my readers to please get involved as well.

Thanks for bringing Lois to my attention; let's hope we get thousands of cards for her!!

And thanks for visiting me, too! I'm off to Wilna's now!

~Hugs, Deb