Thursday, April 8

RAK from June

I am still at my parents, I set this up to show you on Sunday -- hope it works :o)

Isn't this the prettiest card? I received this from my sweet friend June (Simply Elegant Paper Crafts). Go visit her site. She is on the Cuttle bug Design team, and she creates the BEST cards!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

When it you slide the middle:


Rose Ann said...

June's card is so fun! Thanks for sharing, Corie!!

Joy said...

cute sliding card...this is a neat project to do. this posted on stated you wanted it to post on Sunday. just thought I'd let you know. have a good weekend!

Velta said...

Oh Corie this IS a darling card...You are lucky to have such a sweet I am going to go stop by her blog!!

June Houck said...

Awwwww, you made my day! I was telling my mom about you this weekend. She stopped by your blog and told me my card was posted here. You are so sweet. Now their are 2 Corie fans in my family :)

I am so glad I found your blog 2+ years ago...nearly 3 soon, I think?

Mwahhh (cyber kiss),