Friday, December 26


Here is my August page.

This is from the Winds of Grace Stamp set. This set is so nice for Guy cards. I created several cards for guys this past year with this set, but sadly it is retiring.


StampDancer said...

These calendars are beautiful! Would you please email me a copy of your Word document for the calendar template?

Regina said...

hello, Corie
I love all sides of your calender! What so adorable layouts - so much attention to detail - love your sentiment technique too!

Thanks for your visit!

Here I'm just translating my Christmas wish. But it's not good because I take a translator, sorry. I hope you can it understand

I wish You glad Christmas, a few days of cosiness with a lot of time to the repose and enjoyment, to the force collect for a new year. A year without soul pains and without headache, one year without worries, with so much success, as one needs to be contented, and only so much stress, as you stand to stay healthy, to be completely happy with so little annoyance as possible and so much joy as urgently, in order during 365 days. I hand this Christmas tree of the good wishes to You with many hearty greetings - Regina

Greetings Regina