Sunday, January 13

Holiday Cards

Here are some of the Holiday cards that I received. This first one is from my upline, Karen.

This next one is from Flossie.

Here is one from Paula. This one is a clear card, it is so GORGEOUS IRL.

This next one is from Tiffany, she is one of my stampin' ladies. Didn't she do a FANTASTIC job on her card?


Natty said...

Great cards, love Tiffany's especially!

Paula said...

Thanks for showing all the nice cards you received, and thanks especially for your kind comments on my card.

Jen Young (Pearl City, HI) said...

you've got some pretty cards there girl.... well deserved!!!


malieta said...

I think your RAKs are beautiful Corie!

Michelle said...

Great cards, Corie!

kathleenh said...

You lucky gal! These cards are so cute!