Saturday, October 6

BLOG Thingie

I am not sure about this. I would NOT be caught dead in this costume, but I thought it was a little funny. I am not sure what this says about me though. I agree with the catwoman thing, but NOT all that skin showing -- certainly not the stomach.

Your Halloween Costume Should Be
Catwoman">What Should You Be For Halloween?


Deborah said...

Well this would look great on Pamela Anderson, not me! Meow! Deb

Shannon McGann said...

This quiz says my Halloween costume is Elvis - I wonder what that says about me!? :)

That cat costume doesn't look too comfortable! It's too cold here in Canada at Halloween to wear that!

Melissa said...

How funny! Mine says I should be candy corn!

And I'm still chuckling over Shannon's Elvis suggestion.... :)

malieta said...

he he he...I love it!

Flossie's Follies said...

Melissa I am with ya, mine also said candy corn, but the questions seemed more geared towards a male, so guess candy corn is non gender

Anonymous said...

I am also Catwoman...Meeeeeow!

Nancy Grant said...

Yeow!!! That's some costume suggestion!