Sunday, September 23


Well Brandon and I went to the post office this morning to try the new automated teller. There is a computer and scale to use to mail packages, the only draw back is that it does not work for foreign packages. It took us forever -- not because of the process -- because Brandon felt he needed to "help" and push all the buttons. (oh boy). I was able to mail all the US packages, the Canadian ones will go out tomorrow. If your package arrives with postage due please let me know, I am not sure we did everything correctly.

I did figure out one thing though, next time I do a swap I think I am just going to ask for $2 in cash. All those stamps were so confusing. I am sure I messed some up. Many of the ladies that put postage on their packages put too much, and others did not put enough, and then Brandon dropped all the loose ones. Good thing nobody was around to see us.

Do you want to do another SWAP? Not a Holiday swap silly -- a new caddy swap. I know the new caddy is far off, but keep me in mind. I want to do a 2008 Spring Summer SU Caddy SWAP. I figure it will be due at the end of January. I know you are thinking --crazy lady it is not even Halloween yet. I will remind you after the Holidays.

I received several cards with my SWAP packages, this is the first one. This card is from Kathleen, My Happy Place. Go check her site out, she is so talented.
Several ladies have emailed me apologizing for the postage confusion. I did not mean to sound like I was complaining. I think the majority of the problem was from Brandon trying to help. I did not ask for postage for the swaps, mainly because this was my first time "hosting" a SWAP and I was not sure what to do. I just hope that I did not cheat any of you out of stamps -- do not worry about me. I want to thank every one of you for doing this SWAP. I had such a fun time doing it -- confusion and all. I also hope that you will consider doing another SWAP with me sometime.
BIG smile ~~Corie


Elizebeth said...

Im totally ready for the spring/summer catty! And I would love to do another swap, next time I'll just put a prepaid priority mailer in there so you dont have to think at all, poor thing!

Hope your feeling better!

malieta said...

This is a beautiful card!

Jen said...

HI Sweetie - I'll send you my swap template.... check your email.


Jen said...

Opps forgot to tell ya this card is gorjus!!! You lucky gal!!!


Nancy Riley said...

OH, Kathleen always creates such amazing cards .. and this one is no exception! Now, Corie ... I can barely get through Halloween, haven't given Christmas a single thought, and you're already thinking ahead to the new caddy? OK .. I'll call you CRAZY! Just kidding! Way to think ahead!!!

Melissa said...

I don't think you are crazy at all - count me in!

Rose Ann said...

Kathleen's card is very pretty, and I love the colors!

Teri said...

Thank YOU for hosting this swap!! I'd love to do another swap with you. I just have to start early!!

kathleenh said...

Corie, you're so wonderful to be planning ahead. It makes it better for all of us procrastinators! I would LOVE to do another swap with you. I agree it may be easier to send you the money for postage. I want to thank you for hosting the swap and glad that you are willing to do another one. I'm sure they are a lot of work. Thank you for posting my card. :)

Heidi said...

Very pretty card! Corie is your swap open to anyone who would like to join? If so I would love to join in!!