Monday, September 17

Four Tidbits

I am not sure how this works, but Allison tagged me. So here goes.

Four Places I have worked
1. Stephanie's
2. Victoria Station
3. U. S. Department of Agriculture
4. U. S. Department of the Treasury

Four Places I have lived
1. Potomac, Maryland
2. North Potomac, Maryland
3. Laurel, Maryland
4. Crofton, Maryland
Maryland is the only place I have lived. Until I met my hubby I even lived in the county.

Four Places I have been on vacation
1. St. Thomas
2. St. John
3. St. Martin
4. Florida
Do you see the common thread -- beaches, sun, and sand -- my paradise

Four Favorite Foods
1. Donuts (not supposed to have)
2. Pretzels
3. Lasagna
4. OJ (not supposed to have unless my sugar level is low)
No chocolate, I am the only person that I know that does not like chocolate.

Four Places I would rather be right now.
1. Hawaii (can you guess why?)
2. Calgary (can you guess why?)
3. Alaska (can you guess why?)
4. Florida
Visiting friends

Four Friends most likely to respond
1. Flossie
2. Nancy G
3. Kathleen
4. Shannon


Flossie's Follies said...

Oh my the pressure is on, OK will work on it tonight.

Michelle said...

Not true, one of my day care kids hates chocolate! So you are not alone!
Hmmm....I notice a trend...Calgary has a cool blogger friend, Alaska has a cool blogging friend, Hawaii has a cool blogging friend...LOL!

Heather P. said...

I wish I didn't like chocolate! :P

You're practically in my neck of the woods... Im in MD, too. :)

Kristina Lewis said...

I so wish I didn't like chocolate!! What cool places to work!!

travelingmama said...

These are always so fun! Thanks for sharing so we blog ladies can get to know you better!

Debbie G said...

These are so cool to do. You get to know you bloggers better by doing this.

Dawn Easton said...

LOL I love reading these! You'd rather be in Calgary right now??? Oh my! lol....I could never guess why...

kathleenh said...

Another chocolate lover here. I wish I wasn't! I tend to think sand, beach and fun for vacations too. I have been to all of those places for vacation too!

Nancy Grant said...

No chocolate! Wow!! Would of never guessed. Thanks for thinking of me. I better make a list and post it this week.

Hawaii, Calgary, Alaska, and Florida? What a fun list!


mum on the run said...

Wish I didn't like chocolate either!!

I love reading these, I'm SO nosey!!