Sunday, July 1

I've been tagged.

Kimberly from Crafty Me tagged me. OK, this is the first time I have been tagged. I guess I am officially a blogger now. I am to give seven unknown facts about myself and then tag 7 more people.

1. I have what my kids call "Grandma-idis". I need to rearrange things in my house, I got this from my mom. She moves the furniture when she vacuums. I do not mean move it to vacuum and then move it back. She rearranges the entire room. My dad jokes that he can never go blind 'cuz he would be bumping into things constantly.

2. I live in a suburb of Washington DC. I have lived approximately 20 minutes away from DC my entire life.

3. I went to school in a small town called Clarion, PA. It is in NW PA. It snowed from October through the end of March. I definitely learned that I could not stand the cold.

4. As my friends say I am a closet Hip Hop music lover. If you saw me you would never guess.

5. I have a soft spot for animals.

6. I am a lot older than I sound. When people hear me on the phone, they think I am a kid. Not something I am proud of. (Oh and I am told I look a lot younger than I am, of course I do not think so. -- I am 40.)

7. I am an organizational freak. I need to organize, and reorganize everything. You probably would not believe it if you looked at my house. You see I live with 3 very messy boys -- yes hubby included.

OK now who to tag, there are so many ladies out there? Jen, Nancy, Denise, Melissa, Laura, Paula, and Laurie. (Don't hate me for tagging you.)

Laurie is my new idol, not that I have stopped loving everyone else. She has just started blogging, and she is an amazing artist. You should definitely check out her site. She is having BLOG candy now too.


Anonymous said...

Loved your past...I'll update my TAG later this eveing. I am trying to finalize my business papers; but took a break to read blogs. My son just moved to Rockville, MD is that close to you? We moved to Texas from West Chester, PA. Catch ya for my tag entries

Denise said...

My first tag!!! I LOVE Laura's blog too...what incredible stuff!

Nancy Grant said...

Thanks for the TAG! It was fun.
I really love the part where you said "Don't hate me for tagging you."

stampinat6213 said...

What a FUN game! You and I have alot in common -- organizational freaks! Gotta love us!