Friday, June 8

Feeling sorry for myself

Just a quick post. I did not get express shipping for my SU preorder, (I was being good). Well, my package was to arrive today. Notice I said was. The brown truck had a problem, and now I will not get my stuff until Monday.

I am so disappointed (boo hoo). You see all of my boys, (yes husband too) are gone for the entire weekend. I was going to be able to play with all of my new things without doing "mommy" stuff. This only happens once a year. (a fishing thing)

I was reading Jan's blog earlier this week when she was waiting for her delivery, it was so funny. Well I do not think it is funny anymore. OK, done feeling sorry for myself. I will just have to use old stuff this weekend. I will post some cards later.

Have a great weekend!!!!!

OH MY, it just noticed that I am over 1000 hits. I guess I will need to do some BLOG Candy. Oh I have never done this before, maybe I could do something with the retiring stamps and In colors. Check back this weekend.

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Nancy said...

I totally feel your pain!!! Enjoy your weekend without the family!!!