Tuesday, June 26

BLOG Candy Winner -- I have my Catalog

OK, this is going to be quick. -- I HAVE MY NEW SU CATALOG!!!!!!

Florence is the winner of the blog candy. I printed everyone's comment; cut them up into strips, and folded the strips and placed them in a bowl. Brandon picked out Florences comment. Here is it is:

Flossie's Follies said...
I am thankful for my health, it makes everything else possible.
Friday, 22 June, 2007

I already have her address. She is such a sweetie. I left her a comment about a flower stamp that she used on one of her cards, and she was sweet enough to send me 10 stamped images of the flower. She is the BEST. I absolutely love her. She leaves me a comment everyday. She even sent me her card with the stampendous bees that she did. She colored the bee in with blues and greens -- I love that she used non-traditional colors. Congrats Florence!!!

I am SOOO much better. I actually feel like myself again. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments, and all the LOVE. It really means a lot, that so many people had me in their thoughts. You all are wonderful!

Now to my catalog. I received the box of 8 catalogs that I ordered. I have yet to receive the free catalog from Stampin Up. I have been beside myself, it seems like everyone else had their catalogs. To make matters worse, I walked in the door from work and my DH and each of my sons were looking at the catalogs. They opened the box and each had a copy looking at them. I understand Brandon's interest, but I wanted to look first. I was so afraid they were going to mess them up. Am I crazy or what?

Well, I will post a card tomorrow. I am too excited to do anything tonight. I have my catalog to drool over, YIPPEE.

Thanks everyone. If you have any questions about the catalog, I will check my comments later tonight.


Anonymous said...

No cattys in Southlake, TX yet :(

Flossie's Follies said...

I am so excited, thank you for the lovely post. Enjoy the catalog, think I will have to sign up as a Hobby Demonstrator.

carrie said...

You lucky thing! Too bad I'm SO far away - I'd be over there in a heartbeat(I'm not too shy).

No sightings yet on the westcoast of Canada so here I sit...

Congrats Flossie!

Jen said...

I'm so jealous that you got your caty!!! Hawaii is always one of the lasts to receive ours. Ah shuckers!!!

Congrats to Flossie ~ Way to go, sister!!! Corie's right - you are a sweetie!!!

Hugs to you both,

Michelle said...

Congrats Flossie!