Saturday, February 20

Wonderful TAG

I received this tag from Gardenia from A Little Less Useless. I stumbled onto her site a few weeks ago, and now I am hooked. She creates FANTASTIC cards -- go visit.

We are supposed to tell you 10 things that we a thankful for.
  1. First off I must say my family, dysfunctional as we are I love them dearly.
  2. My friends, same as #1 -- Dysfunctional but loved.
  3. My job, in these times I am thankful that I have a job to go to each day.
  4. Books, I absolutely love to read.
  5. I am extremely thankful that Brandon has not had a seizure in 8 years.
  6. My kids health -- goes along with #5, but #5 had to be by itself.
  7. My parents. So many people don't have both of their parent, I have both and they have been married FOREVER.
  8. I am not an extremely religious person but I must say God. What would any of us do without the lord in our lives?
  9. My stamping space -- for my sanity -- nuff said.
  10. Lastly I must say "My Stampin' Ladies" as Brandon and my Father call you all. I am so thankful of all the support you give me everyday.

This was harder than I thought. Now I need to Tag 3 ladies -- um let's see. I must say Allison, (Stampin When I Can), Michelle (The Crafty Cat), and Rita (Rita's Little Corner). I would like to name so many others, so if you are reading this consider yourself tagged.

Thanks for stopping by, ~Corie


Michelle /Eliotstamps said...

Thanks for the tag, Corie! I will play along soon!

Anonymous said...

OOww shucks, thanks for the nice comments! I am so glad you found my blog, cos I am loving your girlie! You cards are always so inspiring and did I mention I love your puffy flowers. :) I am hooked, I have to try and not put one on every card that I make! lol. I am glad you have joined in on sharing the love around!

Tracie said...

Hey!! We are not THAT dysfunctional!!