Thursday, January 14

Dumb Question Time

I probably should just email Allison about this, 'cuz she knows everything, but I thought I would ask you all.

I have a question about digital stamps. What is the best printer to purchase for digital stamps? If I was going to purchase digital stamps I would want to use the white cardstock from Paper Trey 'cuz it works best for me with markers. I know my current printer does not accept thick card stock. So does anyone have any suggestions. I am guessing that you use an inkjet not laser printer -- right?

Another question -- When you print the image and start coloring do the black line smudge with your markers?

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Risa said...

Hi Corie,
Although I don't own an Epson Printer, I have heard from various peeps that these printers are awesome for digi images paired with Copic Markers. I own a HP and initially I was having "big time" problems with ink smears. I read somewhere to select "best ink" in the printing properties menu and I have to say that it works for more ink smears when I use my Copic Markers.
I hope that I made sense to you:) Take care and have a great day!