Monday, March 2

Captivating Creations

We had a snow storm last night that lasted until this morning. You know what that means -- No School. My morning has been filled with kids running in and out with wet clothes. I think the dryer has been going non-stop.

I do not have anything to show you today, I did not have time to create anything this past weekend, so I will share with you a few captivating creations that I noticed this week.


Joy said...

hope everyone is okay! yay for the kids who got to stay home... hopefully you will get a chance to create later! take care

Rita said...

Thanks for sharing Corie, these cards are beautiful! Stay warm! We got about 7 inches of snow here, not bad compared to some parts of the east coast!

Susan (peebsmama) said...

We had some snow too. Not a ton, but enough to make the day just a little more stressful. Thanks for the links.

Elena said...

Hope the weather will be better!

Risa Malieta W. said...

Sorry to hear about the snow storm Corie. Hopefully there won't be anymore snow storms until next year. *wishful thinking* lol Thanks for sharing the links as well.