Saturday, November 1


This is a birthday card that I received from Debbie. Isn't it adorable!!!

The funny thing about this card is that I had completely forgot that my birthday is coming up. I opened the envelope and saw that it was from Jen's Birthday club, and I thought ~~It is not my birthday. I need to email Jen and tell her that she has my birthday listed wrong. ~~Well silly me my birthday is this Tuesday, as in election day. See what old age will get you.


Marlou said...

this is just adorable!! what a lovely surprise, its nice to receive happy mail :) thanks for your lovely comment :)

Fe-Fe said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday on Tuesday and what a lovely card from your friend. Lucky you.

Rita said...

Sending you lots of birthday wishes for tomorrow & look out for the mailman, mine will be a little late maybe by a day or two! Vacations are great but now its time to play catch up! Cute BRAK! Gotta luv that monkey!