Sunday, April 6

Think Test

My dad sent me this link this morning. I got 23, what can you all get?
My dad got 23 too, I guess great minds think alike huh?

Here is a link to a think test -- it's fun. Think Test


Neva said...

Corie, this is a really ruff test. Thanks for making me think about things I take for granted. I am ashambed to tell my score :(
Love your blog and I will be visiiting often.

Denise... said...

I only got must be an observant genius!

Deborah said...

Guess I needed another cup of coffee! I blew it, score of 18!Yikes! Strange, how I do consider myself observant, but obviously not to these details! LOL! Deb

Rita said...

This was fun Corie! I got a 22, guess your smarter than me, hehehe!!!

Erica B. said...

That was fun! I only got a 19, I guess I could be a little more observant!