Friday, February 8

Some More

Well my camera is on the blitz -- I need a new one. So here are some more creations for you.

Laurie just outdid herself on this card. Everything she creates is a masterpiece, but this one takes the cake. I wanted to order this stamp set with my February order, and now it is on hold, bummer .

Lynda created the most adorable card. I love the sentiment.

Look what Sheryl did with her punches -- amazing!!

This one from Mel is just stunning!!


Alexandra said...

thanks for the links - off to take a peek! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Tanis said...

Hi Corie!
Sorry to hear about your camera...
(But then, it's a good excuse to get a new one!)
If you're considering something "better" quality, I've seen some amazing photos and some very happy users (my uncle being one) with the Nikon D40. That Nikon line will probably be my next step up.
Happy camera hunting!

Rita said...

Sorry to hear about your camera, but good excuse to get a new one! Hope you find the right one for you...good luck! These are amazing cards, from some great ladies, thanks so much for sharing!

kathleenh said...

Hi Corie! I hope you get your camera issues straightened out soon. Thanks for posting the links to the other sites. I missed some of them in my blog surfing.

malieta said...

Hi Corie!
I hope you get your camera repaired soon. Thank you for sharing the links.

Karen Oliver said...

Thanks for sharing the links, what talented people there are out there!
Hope you get your camera fixed very soon.

Deborah said...

So sorry to hear about your camera! Oh dear! Great idea to share these wonderful links! I am going to check them out! Thanks Corie! Deb

Shannon McGann said...

I hope your camera is fixed soon. I'm missing your creations! Thanks for sharing these wonderful works, as well! It's always nice finding new bloggers (well, new to me!) to admire!

Your beautiful card arrived in the mail today. Thank you so much! It is just gorgeous. I was admiring all your criss-cross cards before, so I was thrilled to receive one!

Blessings to you.