Sunday, January 20

I just cannot help myself

Tootsie Roll Pop
It only takes three licks to get to your center!">What Kind of Candy Are You?

Your Love is Based on Commitment
You believe that love is something that develops and grows.
You don't believe in love at first site, and you never mistake lust for love.
For you, love is about mutual devotion, respect, and understanding.
You don't feel comfortable in a relationship, unless you're both in it for the long run.

Why your love can last: You don't take commitment lightly - or leave relationships easily

Why your love can fail: You're so committed, you often can't see the most obvious problems in your relationship">What Is Your Love Based On?

You Are 68% Intuitive
You are a very intuitive person. And luckily, your intuition is normally right.
You're wise enough to know that relying on intuition alone can be dangerous.
When your intuition seems really off, you tend to ignore it - and look at the facts instead.">How Intuitive Are You?

You Should Wear Peach Lipstick
Clean, fresh, and simply pretty.

Your look: Natural Beauty

Your signature lip gloss flavor: Peach">What Shade of Lipstick Should You Wear?

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chelemom said...

Now, I'll have to see what kind of candy I am......You are too funny!