Thursday, October 18

You Make me Smile

Wow, I must make you all smile. Fe-Fe , Malieta, and Samantha nominated me for the makes me smile award. You all are so sweet!!

So now I think I am to nominate 5 ladies. Well you know I have to nominate Allison, for everything, I just love her. Jen makes everyone smile 'cuz she is just so crazy (in a very GOOD way). Now for some new Ladies. Heidi is so artistic I love everything she does, and she is one of my newest buddies. Heather P creates such beautiful cards, plus she nominated me for the best buddie award, and I have not posted anything about it yet. Heather lives close to me, so we need to meet in person sometime. And last but not least Kathleen, I just love everything that she creates, and she also nominated me for the best buddie award.

BIG smiles to everyone -- you ALL make me smile -- so I am actually nominating everyone!!


Michelle said...

It is so funny what you wrote on my blog re: the Peaceful Wishes card, cause I LOVE yours! LOL! I love the stamped background and definitely have to try that next time!

Shannon McGann said...

What a great award - you deserve it!

malieta said...

Thank you Corie.

Jen said...

oh wow - what a great honor. thanks babe!!! you make me smile all the time too - with your fun postings, and beautiful creations!!!!


Heidi said...

Awww Thank You Corie!! You make me smile too!! I always love checking out your blog!!