Monday, October 22


Several ladies emailed me about camping, so I thought I would write about it here, that way you all can hear about it. Hee Hee

We camp about 7-10 times a year. There are about 10 families that go camping together -- not everyone at the same time, but usually 5 or 6 at a time. When we started we were in a tent. Then we all worked up to pop-up campers, and now everyone has a travel trailer. We were joking this weekend about how spoiled we are now. Heat, A/C, Bathrooms with showers in all the campers. The other funny thing is the kids -- when we started there were more dogs along than kids. Now, just about everyone has kids, some are even adults. Boy does that make me feel old.

My first trip camping with my husband and the group -- I was 3 months pregnant with my first child. Wasn't I a trooper -- camping in a tent, sleeping on the ground, using an outhouse. Now that I think about it I was CRAZY. I camped even more when I was pregnant with Brandon. I camped up until my 35th week, and he went on his first trip when he was 5 weeks old. Yep I even nursed when we were camping. I think I should get a medal or something. If you knew me when I was growing up you probably would not believe this.

Our usual area to camp in is Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, or Maryland. The group has made it to Niagara Falls and Maine, but Rick and I were not able to make those trips. The boys (including Rick and the dogs), absolutely LOVE camping, so I keep going. I mean what is not to love if you are a kid? You get to eat crap, have a fire, play outside with your friends from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed, and bedtime is whenever. I do love spending time with everyone, I just wished that we all had a condo at the beach instead of campers.

I do not have any cards to share with you today, SORRY, but I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC day.

BIG hugs and smiles,


Theresa said...

Funny! We started out camping by packing up the canoe and finding a spot! Now, I just want to find a hotel! (Or a nice trailer with a/c and running water!!!)
Yes, the food, fire and schedule are fantastic!

Elizebeth said...

That sounds like a fun weekend! Maybe since you all started in tents and worked up to the campers, then you can start talking to everyone about the next step.....your condo at the beach! =)

I have not been camping in years, about 8 actually. Sean and I went camping once while we were still dating with a bunch of friends. I think that's the best way to go.

Im glad you all had a great weekend!

Flossie's Follies said...

Sounds like fun, kudos for you and camping. Know what you mean about a place on the beach. I grew up in NYC so I prefer bus fumes and sidewalks. Enjoy day trips with nature, but when it comes time to go to sleep, want a hot shower and clean sheets.

Denise... said...

Sounds just like us!! At first I didn't want to make the switch to a trailer because I LOVED tent camping...what was I thinking? Hubby has never liked the rain, so I'd be out cooking breakfast over the fire and he'd be peeking out the door of the tent and I loved it...but I don't want to go back!

Tanis said...

Way to be a camper! I remember camping when pregnant and going out in the tent when my first was 7 weeks and everyone thinking I was insane (trying to wrap the baby up, inviting us to stay in their cabin, yada yada)...creeping up on 38 years old and we're still in a tent. Just bought a super nice 4 season this past summer for hubby and I...the kids get the gigantic sears model that was 99 bucks. Love it rain or shine! Glad you had a good weekend!

Paula said...

Love the story, Corie. you will have many memories from these trips. I'm like you; HATE the outdoors; my idea of "camping" is a hotel without a pool or a restaurant, LOL!

So Sonya said...

Wow that sounds amazing... remind me to go camping with you lol!!!

Jen said...

Corie - what a great thing to do to spend time with the family. You're right, nothing is better than to see your child's face light up and just be so happy!!! At least you can look back later in life - and see all that you've accomplished as a family. You n' your hubby are doing great, and showing your children the best time of their lives. Keep going girl - and just live it up!!!

Thank you so much for sharing this! It was beautiful.