Saturday, September 29

RAK from Allison

It seems like I have been away forever!!! This week has been so busy. I hope everyone is doing well.

Here is another RAK that I received from the Holiday SWAPs. I hope everyone was able to see all the SWAP cards. All of the cards are absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

This RAK is from Allison, Stampin When I Can. Isn't this card just gorgeous? I especially love the layout, I think it is from one of Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenges. Go visit Allison's site, she has a wealth of information everyday. Plus she is a FANTASTIC lady!!


Teri said...

What a beautiful card!! I love it!

malieta said...

This card is adorable!

Rose Ann said...

Gorgeous card from Allison! I love it!

Deborah said...

Oh my, Alison sure made a beauty here! Deb

Heidi said...

What a beautiful card!! Lucky you!!