Friday, September 14

Holiday Card Swap Reminder

Just a little friendly reminder that the Holiday Swap Cards are due by this Saturday. Please have them postmarked no later than September 15. Here is a list of the groups. The cards that I have received are FANTASTIC!!

Group 1

1. Allison
2. Melissa K. -- Received
3. Libby
4. Michelle -- Received
5. Melissa R. -- Received
6. Rita -- Received
7. Kim -- Received
8. Me -- Done

Group 2

1. Teri
2. Carrie -- Received
3. Julie -- Received
4. Elizebeth -- Received
5. Kat -- Received
6. Wanda -- Received
7 . Kathy -- Received
8. Me -- Done

Group 3

1. Jen -- Received
2. Amanda -- Received
3. Kathleen H -- Received
4. Lori -- Received
5. Beth / Me -- Done
6. Jenni
7. Kristina -- Received
8. Shelly -- Received

This has been so fun -- Thanks to all of you for playing along!!


Kristina Lewis said...

Are they due by Saturday or postmarked by Saturday?? Mine are finished, but I haven't written the recipe yet. I can mail them by tomorrow. ((hugs))

L8ybug2 said...

Mine went postal yesterday (9/12). I hope everyone likes them. I've had some health issues and got a late start on them. I usually get my swaps done and mailed a lot earlier than this. Thanks for hosting!

Michelle said...

Wow, i mailed mine last week. i hope they get to you soon!

Anonymous said...

mine are postal.

Shelly said...

Hi Corie! Mine were sent yesterday!

Jen said...

thanks for hosting this sistah! I'm just about done, and will have it in the mail today!!!