Thursday, August 9

New Tag -- for Niceness

I was tagged this morning by Louly, from Crafts by Louly. --Thanks so much girlie -- I like this one, for niceness. How cool is that?

OK now I need to tag 5 ladies, oh no only 5. Well I bet you can guess who is first. Here they are:
1. Allison from Stampin When I Can -- you know I love Allison.
2. Nancy from Inkcicles -- she is another sweetie
3. Jen from Pieces of Me and Angels of Hawaii -- Well you all know how sweet Jen is -- the absolute sweetest.
4. Teri from Big Ideas from a Little Girl -- She has shared so many things with me. Best of all she includes me in her stamping group, even though I do not live in paradise like her.
5. Flossie from Flossies Follies -- Another lady that you ALL know is the sweetest thing going.
Well Ladies now you need to tag 5 others. I might need to do this one again, just off the top of my head there are several other ladies (about 20) that I would love to tag for a niceness award.


Flossie's Follies said...

How kind of you thanks, but only 5 oh my I am going to have to think about this LONG and HARD, this is a tough one.

Melissa said...

And how pretty that badge is! Congratulations!

Nancy Grant said...

Thank you for the sweet tag! Can I tag you back?!

Jen said...

thanks sweetie - right back at cha!!


Teri said...

Hey sister, sorry so late! Thanks for this niceness award, you are too sweet!!