Wednesday, July 4


The winner is Jan. Here is what she said.

Jan Scholl said...
Add a feed please. happy 4th to you too-but will the idiots stop with the boomers at 3AM please???? its been going on for days/
Wednesday, 04 July, 2007

Well the 4th is almost over -- so maybe all the fools will stop lighting the boomers, at least until Superbowl. Jan be sure to email me your snail mail address so I can send you your goodies.

Well it looks like I am going to have 4000 hits soon, so I will be doing another candy -- probably this weekend. So make sure you check in.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Holiday

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Jen said...

ah shucks!! I thought it said "Jen" at first... boo hoo... got myself all riled up for nothing. hahaha... congrats Jan!!! Mayne they are still popping cause they're going according to Hawaii's time line....duh... it's only 5:38 p.m. here.

Ok ladies.. have a good night!!!