Thursday, July 19

Can you catch it?

Can you catch a cold through your cyber friends. I have been reading about everyone getting a summer cold, and now I think I am coming down with it. I know you cannot catch a cold through the web, but it sure feels like it.

Sorry no cards today, I am just not up to it. I think my head is going to explode. I am still smiling though, it could be worse.

Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for stopping by


Flossie's Follies said...

Oh my keep it in Maryland, don't send it down south. Hope you are feeling better soon

Karen said...

Feel better! Tomorrow is FRIDAY! Monday is for sick days!

Melissa said...

Oh man! I hope you feel better soon!

Nancy Grant said...

No summer colds here... just allergies. Are you allergic to blurfing? Blog surfing? Just joking.

I hope you feel better right away. Thinking of you.


Jen said...

Ohhh!!! So sorry to hear that you're feeling icky....hugs, hugs n' more hugs.... just don't get me sick! hahaha.... get better, girl! too much blogging! tee hee... hang in there. We'll be here when you feel better!