Thursday, June 28

What's Up?

I think someone is trying to tell me something. My batteries are dead, so I cannot take a picture of the card I made. I made a card with the flower images that Florence sent. I did the color challenge for this week. This card took me forever, I went a little overboard. Oh well, I cannot show you anyway.

Well since I could not post anything, I wanted to blurf. Well something is up, I cannot comment on anyone site. I cannot even read the comments that you all have left me. What is up? I love leaving comments.

I guess I will post a card tomorrow, hopefully everything will be fixed. Have a great evening everyone.

Thanks for stoping by.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I look for your card tomorrow....but in the meantime,,,I got my catty!

I am not in love yet, but I am sure after I see everyone's posts I find several items I won't be able to live without.

Flossie's Follies said...

Bummer, all well will have to catch your card when I get back from vacation.

June Houck said...

On days like you are having, when things take longer than they should, just take a break. Do something for yourself. I love those (rare) days when everything just falls in place and I get everything done faster than I thought. On those days I look at the "To Do" list for the rest of the week and work on those things. I look forward to seeing your card tomorrow!