Tuesday, February 5


Here are 2 RAKs that I recently received:

This one is from Paula. This is my first Valentine card, isn't is pretty? Paula is the sweetest -- she sends me RAKs all the time, I really need to return the favor. Thanks so much Paula -- GREAT BIG hugs!!!

This one is from Libby. Isn't this so beautiful? I love all the colors. Libby just gave birth to a little girl. I wonder how long until Libby has her stamping. Big congrats, thanks, and hugs Libby.


malieta said...

Your RAKs are lovely Corie and TFS!

Flossie's Follies said...

Wow, two great cards.

crafty goddess said...

Those are both beautiful. I love the colors!

The Crafty Goddess

Rose Ann said...

Pretty cards!! Lucky you! ;)

Paula said...

thanks for being so nice, commenting on my card that way.

Libby said...

Thanks Corie - I'm so glad you liked the card! :-)