Friday, February 22

Lookie Lookie

I received these BEAUTIFUL things in the mail today from Kathleen. She sent me this for a Pay It Forward Tag. I absolutely LOVE everything. BIG thanks and BIG hugs Kathleen!!! She is such a talented lady.

There is two spools of ribbon. A magnetic clip (that is going on the fridge -- never have enough of them) A GIANT close pin (with my initial on it), and a pretty box/tote. Everything is just so GORGEOUS.

Now I need to tag three others. I will think about it and get back to you about who I am going to tag. I am sure about 2 ladies, I just need to pick one more. How am I possibly going to pick only 1 more?


Rita said...

What great happy mail you got there girl!

Tanis said...

Very pretty! How fun!!

Dawn Easton said...

Wow! Fabulous goodies Corie!!

kathleenh said...

I'm glad you like them Corie! Have fun creating for 3 other ladies.