Friday, August 31

Best Buddie

Jen, Pieces of Me has tagged me for the Best Blog Friend. (Right back at ya sweetie!!) I am so honored. I met Jen early on in my blogging adventure. She is so talented, sweet, supportive, funny, and CRAZY. I tell her all the time that I am so jealous she lives in paradise, you see her home is in Hawaii. Can you imagine being in Hawaii every day? See why I am jealous.

Well I think you are to nominate 3 ladies for the best blog friend award. How am I to name only 3?

Of Course I MUST name Allison, although I am sure she has been nominated many times already. She is the reason I started on this adventure. She is truly one of my best buddies. I know all of you know how much I love her, I write about her all of the time. If by some miracle you have not visited her site -- CLICK right over there now. She gives such a wealth of info every day. I am always amazed at how she does this -- she is truly the BEST out there!!

My next lady is Teri. Teri is another sweetie pie. She also lives in paradise, (Hawaii). I won a BLOG candy on her site, and she and I have become best cyber buddies ever since. She is another very talented artist.

OK, Jen, Nancy and Flossie would be next, but they have already been tagged. So who?

I want to do Paula, Rita, Denise, Laura, Kim, Michelle, Melissa, June, Cheryl, Tanis, Rhonda, Nancy. All these ladies have been with me from the beginning. There are so many others that I have met along the way. This stampin/crafting community is so amazing. EVERYONE is so wonderful and supportive.
So I am going to cheat and not pick one -- consider all of you my best bloggin Buddie.
As a side note, I know that several of you nominated me for the Rockin Blogger, and the Nice Matters Award, but when I lost my bookmarks I also lost all my old emails. I was planning on thanking each of you and posting about you, but nowt I cannot. So thanks to you, and I promise to be better about posting nomination faster.
Big Smiles!!


Nancy Riley said...

Corie, Thank you for the Best Blog Friend tag! You are so kind! Your blog and stamping artwork is simply incredible! I agree, this stamping/crafting community is somethin' else! It has been so rewarding and inspiring to meet so many nice people like yourself in cyberspace!

Denise... said...

Oh you're so awesome! Thank you for thinking of me!

Jen said...

thanks sweetie.... I have been honored with your friendship!!!

hugs n' aloha,